Woodworking Supplies Include Power Tools

Anyone making a wish list of woodworking supplies is likely to include some power tools. Not too many years ago, the high cost of power tools was prohibitive for many home woodworking shops.

Luckily, the price tag on these items has come down considerably in the past two decades. They are no longer the domain of the professionals.

Not only is the cost affordable for the home woodworker, but the DIYer can choose among a wide selection of power tools with a splendid array of features.

The following woodworking supplies and tools are among the best choices:

Band Saw

A band saw makes circular cuts and can also make straight cuts of relatively thin woods or materials.

This tool consists of a base that holds the piece of wood to be cut. In the case of a band saw, a continuous blade rotates quickly.

Typically, you can see only a few inches of this blade, but the visible part rotates with a downward movement. The cutting happens so quickly that the eye can detect only a blur.

The band saw is the big brother of the now almost obsolete jigsaws. Jigsaws have a single blade, shorter in length than the band saw blade. This blade cut in an up and down movement.

The cutting speed was much slower than the speed of a band saw, and the blade tended to get stuck more often than most woodworkers liked. The newer machines tend to stick much less than their earlier relatives, the jigsaws.

Circular Saw

Unlike a band saw, a circular saw can make straight cuts of thicker woods or other materials.

A circular saw is simply a rotating disk with cutting teeth along the outer edge or circumference. The well-known miter saw is an example of a circular saw.

The miter saw is lightweight, portable, and versatile. Therefore, it is a good tool to have if you want to transport your woodworking supplies to a project site.

The table saw is another example of a circular saw. As the name suggests, the table saw is set on a base that is approximately weight height. The saw blade emerges from the base.

Table saws have a guide edge, through which you push the pieces of lumber towards and through the cutting blade.

Incidentally, many accidents occur when woodworkers use circular saws. Many rate them as the most dangerous of all saws. Therefore, it is crucial that you take all safety precautions with this DIY woodworking tool.