1. You see the world a bit differently from everyone else you know.

You’re not one to be part of the crowd, you’d rather explore on your own and come to your own conclusions. Everyone else wearing a fall color palate? You rock that blue dress!


2. You always have a book on you.
Signs You're Turning into a Disney Character - Belle
You know what a book is? It’s an adventure. We’re talking a physical book (there’s no substitute for feeling that paper in between your hands).


3. You make wishes on dandelions.
disney on dreaming - belle, beauty and the beast
Wishing on stars? So 1940.


4. You would do anything for the people you love.
You might not have a dungeon at the bottom of an enchanted castle available to you, but if you did, you would gladly spend your days there if it meant saving a friend or family member. Equally as important, you also share the last cookie from the package.


5. Libraries are your happy place.
Our Disney Dream Home, Beast's Library, Beauty and the Beast
If a book is an adventure, a library is a world–worlds, even–of possibility. The way to your heart is through great literature (and grand romantic gestures don’t hurt either).


6. You know that kindness is power.
Even if you can sometimes be a tad sarcastic, you understand the importance of just being nice. Of treating others you way you’d want to be treated. Of giving everyone a chance.


7. Your heart is open and full of hope.
Anything is possible if you’re willing to let it happen