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We have all been through lists of beautiful and hot female stars from hollywood and I have not to date read one article that did justice to the number of hot guys that appear in Hollywood flicks. So I thought to myself, why not be a  gender-equilizer ( (I am not sure if that is even a term) and dedicate a list to them! So here I am, bringing to you some of the most smouldering hot guys from the most famous movie industry of the world! This goes out to all those girls who love good-looking guys!

10- Jude Law

I will admit it right here right now, that I have not seen Jude Law look more impressive than what he looked like in the movie Sherlock Holmes alongside another one of the hunks that comes later down in this list! He just looked so comfortable and so yum in that English suit,a hat, and a stick in his hand! Most of the girls wanted to eat him right up, the blue eyes, the boyish charm and yet the maturity was to die for! So yes, I begin this list with Jude Law. I do not know why but he reminds me of Heath Ledger, call me crazy but that is how I feel! May he rest in peace!